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Rural Outreach Counselling Inc. (ROC)  is committed to reducing suicide and making an improvement as to how rural people gain access to professional counselling and support.  ROC is committed to considerably reducing the negative impacts of depression, anxiety, stress and trauma in rural families and communities by reaching out proactively with help and support to those individuals displaying poor mental well-being who cannot, or will not present to a GP or existing mental health services.

ROC is a not for profit personal, family and mental health counselling service focused on supporting sufferers in rural and remote Australia (initially the Riverina).
ROC is active in rural and remote communities at two levels;

MateKeepers;   Matekeepers are everyday people in communities who will identify men, women, young people or families at risk.
MateKeepers receive appropriate ongoing basic first responder training (QPR) allowing them to feel confident, safe and supported, where ever possible.  The main priority of a Matekeeper will be to get the sufferer to acknowledge they have a problem and in doing so, be agreeable to access the help and support offered through ROC and other appropriate professional services.  Matekeepers will be trained through programs sourced and provided by accredited trainers. These programs and workshops will be open to members of the general community, enabling anybody interested to become involved in preventing or reducing the impact of suicide, depression, anxiety, trauma and stress within their family or community.

The MateKeeper will offer support and encouragement to the person or family in the following ways,

  • making contact, listening and being willing to have a conversation
  • encourage and assist them to visit a local GP
  • offeri to contact a ROC Counsellor
  • assist them with referral pathways to access appropriate mental health services locally
  • continue to monitor and support them in a caring empathetic manner
  • record each contact on the confidential Better Impact MateKeeper data base 
  • discuss and debrief with a ROC Counsellor.


ROC Counsellors are accredited counselling professionals and their role is not only to assist those in need but also to provide support to MateKeepers.  The ROC counsellor provides a safe, confidential space for people to talk, including being responsive to each individual person’s needs.  ROC has a proud record of providing a professional response within 24 hours mostly by phone and when required face to face appointments within 2 weeks or a preferred time frame that is appropriate to the person.

Look, listen and let somebody know. The ROC Matekeeper program provides a clear and accessible pathway of professional support for sufferers, families and communities.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.



Rural Outreach Counselling Inc.

Wagga Wagga NSW 2650