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Mental Health in Schools

Riverina Bluebell supports mental health in schools throughout the Riverina region with free presentations for secondary level students. Contact us to discuss a suitable program for your school.

Re writing the Codes

Tomorrow Man and their sister organisation Tomorrow Woman aim to disrupt traditional gender stereotypes and traits that have negative impacts on our lives. Their approach is highly engaging, working with participants to create healthier behaviours that better serve them, building resilience, self-confidence and peer support within the group.

In 2018 Riverina Bluebell worked closely with Tomorrow Man to deliver 18 workshops across several secondary schools impacting 608 teenagers and 75 men at ‘A Night with the Blokes’ community event in the Riverina region. The Tomorrow Woman workshops delivered in conjunction were sponsored by Riverina Bluebell.

In 2019 we plan to make an even bigger impact bringing Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman back to the Riverina in March.

Tomorrow Man Brochure

Tomorrow Woman Brochure

Here is a little about the 2018 Riverina events:


Black Dog Institute Programs
Black Dog Institute Educational Page

Reach Out Schools

ReachOut Schools helps your school take a wholeof-community approach to developing student mental health and wellbeing.

ReachOut Schools provides free educational resources, digital tools and practical tips to encourage the development of positive mental health and wellbeing across schools, and to extend the impact of existing programs.

The service features easy-to-understand information on a full range of mental health and wellbeing issues. Our school resources include innovative digital apps and online games to help students learn to take control of their mental health.

Staff and parents can use ReachOut to better understand the issues young people face, and as a safe place they can recommend to students.

School professionals can also access a range of professional development webinars and information, with resources added throughout the year.

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Nic Newlingnicnewling

Nic Newling is an outspoken advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, and sharing personal stories. Having lived through the experience of suffering with a mood disorder throughout high school and losing his brother to suicide, he has since dedicated himself to changing the way mental illness is addresses in schools, workplaces and communities.

Australian Story: The Fault In Our Stars

Introduced by Caroline Jones

This week’s program takes us into the world of a family called the Newlings. On the face of it, their lives seemed perfect.

Phil Newling recalls looking at his three young sons and saying ‘how long is this going to last – can we just lock this in now and not change anything?’   But when the bright boys became teenagers lightning struck – and not just once, but twice.

This program charts the story of Christopher ‘Cricket’ Newling and his younger brother Nic. It documents a remarkable journey back from the brink and a life now dedicated to helping others.

View Australian Story here